Photo to painting: how is your dog painted?

A beautiful painting from photo

The dog portrait painter uses photos to make a unique portrait painting. Working from photo has many advantages. You can yourself select a beautiful picture which you like best, and are not dependent on us. Working from photos also gives the possibility to work with pictures from the past - for example when your dog has passed away. Moreover we are able to help out dog lovers around the world, without the necessity to visit each and every one. You don't have a good photo yet? Just make one. View our dog photo tips for a great dog photo.

From photo to painting

When we have received a photo from you, we'll send you a photo evaluatie and cost calculation. After approval, the dog portrait painter starts working. During the painting process, we keep in mind your wishes about color, size, composition and any request considering changing the background or other changes to the portrait.
Photo to painting 01Photo to painting 02

The artists starts working. First he makes a rough sketch with pencil. After that, the painting is painted layer for layer - adding more detail in each layer. Adding more painting in each layer, a lifelike painting emerges. The most important parts like the eyes of your dog receive extra attention.
Photo to painting 03Photo to painting 04

After approximately three weeks you will receive a digital photo of your painting. If you like, we still can make some adjustments to the painting by then. Only when you are completely happy with the result, we'll finish the painting.
Photo to painting 05Photo to painting 06

Your painting at your wall

You'll receive your painting after the oil paint has completly dried (after about three weeks). You receive it rolled up and packed safely in a tube. You can the painting it stretched (and framed) at your local art and frame shop. Easy, safe and affordable!

Photo to painting 07

The painting is finished - ready for you to enjoys for years to come!