How to get your own dog painting

The dog portrait painter paints dog paintings by commission. To receive your own dog painting is easy:
  1. Send us your dog photo(s). Send a dog photo now >>
  2. We will use your photos to paint your unique dog painting.
  3. We will mail you a quote.
  4. After your approval and deposit (25%) the dog portrait artist starts.
  5. Hoe does it work? Watch our process photo to painting.
  6. The painting will take about 3 weeks. As soon as the painting is done, we will email you a picture of the painting for your approval.
  7. You let us know if your are satisfied with the result. If desired, we can still make changes to the painting. After these changes we will again send you a picture for approval.
    You don't take any risk: if you by any chance are not completly satisfied with your painting, then there is our 100% not-satisfied-money-back guarantee.
  8. Completely happy with your dog painting? We will finish up your paiting.
  9. The drying (oil paint has a long drying period) and finishing of the painting will take about 3 weeks after your approval. The edges of the painting are also covered with paint.
  10. Your dog painting is finished! We will deliver it to your address.
  11. You can have your painting stretched (and optionally framed) at your local frame shop. View several paintings from our practice.
    Including the drying period the total time to create and deliver your painting will be around 6 weeks. Are you in more of a hurry? Let us know when you order - we will find a solution!