Painting of my dog: Frequently asked questions

Do I have to visit you to have my dog painted?

The dog portrait painting artists works on the basis of photos, so you don't have to travel. Just send us a beautiful photo of your dog, and we'll paint an incredible painting for you.

Is my photo suitable for a painting?

Almost every photo or picture is suitable for a painting. Because the painting is created entirely by hand, we can correct and improvise details while painting. Just send us your photo and we'll give you free advice.

What does a dog portrait cost?

Through your years of experience painting, we can paint the highest quality dog portraits, and still keep them affordable. Just view our prices for an overview of the prices.

How long does it take to paint a painting?

After approximatly 3 weeks you will receive a photo of your painting. After your approval, it still takes about 3 weeks to have the painting dried and deliverd to you. Are you in a hurry? Just let uw know, and we'll find a solution.

How is my painting shipped?

We'll ship the painting to you, safely packaged, rolled up in a tube. Because we'll send it rolled up, it is very safe from damages - so far we have never experienced any problems with it. You can have it stretched (and framed if desired) at your local art shop.

A different question?

Do you have another question? Just contact us - we are happy to help you!