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Dog portrait three dogs

Together on one painting: Boston, Bully and Dempsey. The dogs always were together and shared one basket. Boston (de top most dog in the painting) is an American staffordshire terrier male. Dempsey, the youngest of the lot, also is a joyful American staffordshire terrier (female). The three dogs, who all have died of old age, always had a special place in the family. Using three separate photos, we joined them on canvas.

Painting dogs 3
Dog portrait three dogs - Portrait of the dogs Boston, Bully en Dempsey

Close-up of the painting

Painting dogs 3Painting dogs 3

Photos that have been used for this painting

Painting dogs 3Painting dogs 3Painting dogs 3

Client's reaction...

"I have given the painting of the three dogs this weekend. I can tell the painting has been received very emotionally. My husband really enjoyed the painting very much. We have been looking for quite some time for someone to help us with a painting of our dogs. We were so impressed by your dog paintings, that we have chosen you. And we are very excited about it. We love it!"

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