Dog photo tips: how to make a beautiful photo of your dog

Due to the good quality of digital cameras today, you can easily make many photos of you dog and choose the best one that depicts your dog the best. While making the photos, please consider how you would like to see your dog on the final painting. You can for example make beautiful photos inside on the couch (with enough light), but also when your dog is outside enjoying the sun.

How do I make a nice photo of my dog?

Always make your photos in day light. For example use your camera outside or make sure there is enough day light coming into the room. Day light brings out the most natural colors of your dog and prevents unnatural reflection in the eyes of your dog. For a classic dog portrait we advice you to make the photo at eyes height - kneel beside your dog, and makes sure you don't make a picture from above or below the head.

Close-up and personal

The more details you record on photo, the more detailed we can paint your dog. It is often nice to have your look a bit to the side when taking a photo, instead of taking a photo while the dog is looking straight into the camera.

Chose the right environment

You can make great photos when it is light and sunny outside. When the lighting is not completly right, it is not a big problem since we can correct this while painting.

How does your dog pose for the camera?

There are many ways to take a picture of your dog. You can take a picture of your dog, full body, or make close-up of the dog's head. Just take the trial and error approach and have fun shooting the pictures!