Dog portrait painting - Welcome to the dog painting artist

The dog painting artist is a specialist in artisan painted paintings and portraits of dogs and puppies. He likes to help you with a personal painting of your dog - to enjoy for years to come. The passionate portrait painter will paint a unique painting for you. With a practiced eye your dog will be immortalized on a beautiful oil painting.

Dog portait: from dog photo to artistic dog painting

Every dog has their characteristic look and unique look which the owner will know like no other. Our dedicated dog portrait artist will record your dog on a hand painted oil painting. Just send us your favorite photo picture of your dog and we will make you a remarkable hand painting portrait.

From the photo picture that you send us we will make you a wonderful painting. Read more information about a painting from photo. Your puppy as small as it was in its first years, your aged dog whom you've spent many years with, your highly adored dog of whom you are so proud, the new puppy of your children or grandchildren - we will paint them true to nature with a specialized eye for detail.

Dog paintings

A selection of the dog paintings that the dog portrait artist painted previously can be found on this website. We always try to capture the character of every pet in each painting. Watch how dog lovers had their dog or puppy painted at our examples of dog portrait paintings.

A painting of your dog as a lasting gift

A dog's portrait is a wonderful gift for someone who is devoted to dogs. For a dog loving friend or as a great gift idea for yourself; a beautiful gift at special events. You could also give a voucher which the recipient use for a painting he or she desires. You can request a dog painting voucher easily through our order/contact-form.

A lovely memory

A hand painted portrait is a beautiful memory of your dog which may no longer be around. A posthumously potrait as an obituary painting. We would love to help your with your treasured memory of your dog who passed away. Do you only have a few pictures of your dog or are you not sure whether the photos you have are suitable for a painting? Please send the photos to us and we can help you. Most of the time we can even use older or photos of lesser quality and still are able to make a beautiful portrait of your dog.

Paintings of dogs world wide

We have painted paintings from dogs all over the world. Our main business however is in the USA, where we have helped dog owners from all major cities in America, including: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas and San Jose. When you are looking for a dog portrait painting, just contact us.

Lifelike dog portraits

The dog painting artist is specialised in lifelike dog paintings. Every detail of your dog will be carefully painted in oil paint, based on the photos that you provide. It is also possible to have a painting made of multiple dogs, by combining several photos. Want to leave the belt out of the painting? We can paint your dog's full body, but perhaps you would enjoy a close up of your dog's portrait on the wall instead? Read how our dog photo tips how you can create beautiful pictures of your dog.

Dog painting

Dog painting Spyke

Painting of Spyke

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Dog painting

Painting of our dog

The way the light has been painted gives even more depth

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